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9 Surprising Sea Moss Benefits for Hair

If you enjoy nourishing your body through naturally sourced supplements, then you’re probably already aware of sea moss. However, while the majority of people know at least a handful of the many health benefits that a sea moss boost can give to your body, there’s more to this wonderful plant that meets the eye. 

As one of the most popular organic sources of micronutrients, it’s easy to forget what else this incredible algae offers up. In fact, there are sea moss benefits for hair that you may not even be aware of. 

What is Sea Moss? 

Before we delve into how sea moss benefits hair and keeps your scalp healthy, let’s look at what sea moss is and what it’s commonly used for. 

Oddly enough, Irish sea moss isn’t actually moss. In fact, Irish sea moss is a type of seaweed (or algae) that’s commonly found on British, European, and North American coasts. While it has been a healthy staple of many Asian dishes for centuries now, westerners have been known to use sea moss as a substitute for gelatin in vegan-friendly dishes as a healthier alternative.

Sea Moss Health Benefits

Sea moss is naturally packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals that benefit the mind and body. While taking sea moss supplements daily as part of a healthy lifestyle has several benefits, the most commonly known ones are as follows:

Sea moss is a powerful source of essential minerals

Sea moss is rich in Iodine, which is an essential mineral that helps to make thyroid hormones in the body. These thyroid hormones assist your metabolism and other vital bodily functions.

Irish sea moss is also full of essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and zinc. When used daily as part of a healthy lifestyle, these minerals in sea moss supplements help to improve the immune system, promoting better overall wellbeing. 

Sea moss is an effective natural antioxidant

Keeping your skin soft and youthful isn’t easy. Especially as we age, when our natural healing defenses from air pollution begin to diminish. 

However, Irish sea moss contains vitamins A, E, and K, which are known for being important vitamins to keep your skin as naturally glowing and healthy as possible.

Sea moss aids good digestion and gut health 

Sea moss also contains natural prebiotics and dietary fiber, which help you to maintain a healthy gut and better overall digestion. 

Sea Moss Hair Benefits

Sea moss, also known as Irish sea moss (or Irish moss), has several benefits that help maintain better haircare and beauty regimes. 

Are you curious about using sea moss for hair growth? Perhaps you’re a regular user of this super supplement and had no idea about sea moss and hair benefits. Or maybe you’re about to start taking sea moss and want to know a little more information before you begin. 

Either way, we’ve put together everything you need to know about sea moss for hair growth. Below are 9 surprising sea moss benefits for hair that will soon have you enjoying sea moss even more than usual! 

1. Sea Moss Can Help to Prevent Hair Loss

Sea moss is rich in iron. It has also been known to be taken daily by those with an iron deficiency to give them a little natural boost. Due to the fact that sea moss is all-natural, it has become popular with those in need of rich iron nutrients.

One of the most common side effects of an iron deficiency is hair loss. That’s why with sea moss, hair benefits from the iron consumed in the body, helping to keep your hair on your head instead of clogging up your shower drain!

2. Sea Moss Is a Natural Moisturizer for the Scalp 

Sea moss benefits for hair can even come in the form of a healthier and more nourished scalp. Irish sea moss is packed with vitamin A. What does vitamin A do for your body? Well, it increases the production of a substance called sebum. 

Sebum is an oily substance that’s naturally produced through your sebaceous glands. It helps to prevent a flaky and dry scalp which can lead to dandruff. The high vitamin A content of sea moss means a better-moisturized scalp and overall hair health.

3. You Can Use Sea Moss for Hair Growth Help 

Does sea moss help with hair growth? Through its rich vitamin E properties, Irish moss benefits for hair growth come from this vitamin’s ability to protect your scalp from what’s known as ‘oxidative stress’. 

Oxidative stress is considered one of the most common causes of hair loss. In other words, using sea moss for hair growth in your daily routine can bolster your ability to maintain your hair. 

How do you use sea moss for hair growth? By including it as part of your daily health and haircare routine. Do that and the vitamin E properties will do the rest!

4. Sea Moss Is a Natural Hair Conditioner

You can even use sea moss as a natural way to condition and enliven your hair. Some sea moss users like to massage it into their hair as a leave-in conditioner, while others prefer to simply take a daily supplement.

Either way, using sea moss daily can help to keep your hair smooth, more manageable, and shining with that all-natural glow. 

5. Sea Moss Protects Your Scalp from Bad Bacteria 

Like anywhere else on your body, harmful bacteria can grow on a poorly maintained scalp. Undernourished hair can be a breeding ground for this bad bacteria, causing further damage to your hair and giving you an even drier scalp. 

Hair will always struggle to grow on an irritated and dry scalp, which is why sea moss is perfect for fighting this harmful bacteria. As a natural antidote for harmful bacteria, sea moss contains anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in sulfur. This means better protection against harmful properties on your scalp and healthier hair. 

6. Sea Moss Can Help to Make Your Hair Stronger

For those of you with longer hair, you know how difficult it is to prevent hair breakage as it continues to grow to your ideal length. 

Because of the hair nourishing elements of sea moss, applying it regularly to your hair will help to strengthen it significantly. With stronger hair, you’ll be able to continue to grow it with more confidence and hair that’s much less likely to break or become damaged. 

7. Sea Moss Gives Your Hair a Natural Shine

What a difference a little natural hair care boost can make! Applying sea moss or taking sea moss supplements daily can transform dull and lifeless hair into luxurious locks that shine with a natural glow. 

Sometimes all your hair needs are some nutrients to revitalize its look and nourish your scalp. If you continue to use sea moss in your daily hair care routine, you’ll soon see that natural shine coming through. 

8. Sea Moss Can Help to Remove Harmful Toxins in Your Hair

Toxins that don’t get removed from the scalp can thrive, build, and cause further damage to your hair if left untreated. This further damage can lead to the previously discussed dry and lifeless scalp that prevents hair growth.

With sea moss, you’re combating these harmful toxins by using a natural aid that’s an antioxidant. This means that your toxins can’t spread and thrive on your scalp, allowing you to focus on growing your healthier hair. 

9. Sea Moss Offers Hair Care That’s Chemical-Free

What better way to take care of your hair than by using nature’s very best ingredients, completely chemical-free! 

Sea moss benefits for hair are clear. But what really makes these algae such a wonder-supplement is that it’s all-natural, vegan-friendly, and kind to the earth as well as your hair! 

How Do You Use Sea Moss for Hair Growth? 

Sea moss for hair growth is mainly applied and used through two main avenues - consuming internally or applying to your hair externally. 


Internal sea moss supplements can be taken in capsule form, made into smoothies, or even cooked up with a meal. However, be aware that it’s possible some of the more powerful nutrients in sea moss may be lost when cooked. 

Sea moss supplements work perfectly well when it comes to hair care, as your blood vessels will transfer these nutrients to the scalp naturally. 


Sea moss can also come in the form of a gel that’s bought. Some people even prefer to boil it down themselves into this gel before applying it to their hair. 

External sea moss can be massaged into the scalp and left for several hours, helping to nourish dry scalps, moisturize irritated areas and prevent dandruff. 

Sea Moss Benefits for Hair and Better Overall Health

As you can see, Irish moss benefits for hair are not only powerful but all-natural too! Not only does it protect your scalp, but it also feeds your hair the essential natural minerals and vitamins needed to fight the everyday elements that can damage your hair.

Whether you apply sea moss for hair growth directly in gel form, or just want the sea moss hair benefits that come from its nourishing properties, keeping your hair healthy has never been more naturally easy!

Are you ready to benefit from thicker, healthier hair? Then try our Sea Moss supplements today and get beautiful hair the natural way! 

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