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Sea Moss: GEL or CAPSULE?

Sea Moss: GEL or CAPSULE?

A new Superfood has been taking the nation by storm in 2020. Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss, is packed with minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein and key compounds which make it one of the most sought after supplements for restoring health and wellness and strengthening immunity to infection and disease from viral, microbial, and bacterial threats. In fact, Sea Moss provides 92 of the nutrients of the 102 that our bodies need for optimal function and performance.

The overwhelming health benefits of Sea Moss have been well documented and proven. Many celebrities and leading health gurus are now touting SEA MOSS as the new breakthrough Superfood to include in our diets.

Several new Sea Moss products have appeared in the marketplace. These products are being sold in two forms: as a gel or as a capsule.

Let’s take a look at each.

Sea Moss gel is prepared by taking dehydrated sea moss and putting it into water. It swells up and regains its volume. It must then be cleaned and rinsed and prepared in a blender with water until it becomes a smooth gel. The gel must then be kept in the refrigerator in a covered container, where it can be kept for up to three weeks. Sea Moss capsules simply need to be kept in the bottle in a cool dry place, like any other bottled supplement.

To get the advantages from Sea Moss gel, the gel needs to be mixed into a drink or smoothie and consumed. Whereas, capsules are easy to take. Just swallow with any liquid.

The advantages of Sea Moss Gel versus capsule are limited. For those who cannot take a capsule, the capsule can easily be opened and the contents added to a liquid and consumed, also. Considering the inconvenience of preparation and management of the prepared gel, a simple capsule is a much easier way to get the health benefits that Sea Moss have to offer.

Capsules are easier to pack and carry with you. Easier to keep and store. Sea Moss capsules have a much longer shelf life than Sea Moss gel.

But something more important is bioavailability. This refers to how potent the supplement is. In other words, in capsule form your body receives what the Sea Moss has to offer more than from the gel mixed in with your smoothie.

Capsule delivery insures that the concentration of nutrients you receive is reliable. Each capsule is carefully measured for all the properties you want to have in the supplement.

There is no question, the easiest and most reliable way to get the full range of benefits from Sea Moss is in the form of capsules.

Extract versus Powder?
Many of the products available on the market today claim to be made of freshly harvested Sea Moss, when in fact they are offering capsules made from bulk Sea Moss powder which was not created directly form an extraction process.
Products made from powder provide diluted results.

We don’t use powder to make our capsules.

We make our Sea Moss supplement capsules using pure vegan Sea Moss extract. There is no cut or other junk filler, just Sea Moss extract. Capsules made from pure extract offer the full range of health benefits that Sea Moss has to offer.

Our formula also contains Burdlock root and Bladerwrack, which bring the total nutrient profile to the complete 102 minerals that your body needs for optimal functioning and well being.

120 versus 60 or 90
We want you to enjoy the full benefits that Sea moss have to offer.
Our bottles come with 120 capsules. Most of our competitors only give you 60 or 90 capsules for the same or higher price.

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