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Our Story: Nutra Remedies and Sea Moss For Sale: How and Why

Sea Moss For Sale

Our Story: How Nutra Remedies Started

During the pandemic, our founder Yulia was looking for a natural product to keep her family's immune systems healthy.

But it all started in Yulia's childhood—her grandmother had cancer and she was told she'd live 7 months and she lived for 10 years! Yulia's mom worked hard to make sure everyone in the family was healthy and her attention to the Earth's herbs, natural products, and a healthful way of living helped Yulia's grandmother live for so much longer. Back then, Yulia remembers thinking, "How to find what's the healthiest?"

composition with a green smoothie in a glass set on a concrete cylinder, with a straw inserted, next to a sliced cucumber and kiwi fruit

When Yulia met her husband, who works on Wall Street, he slept for only 4 hours a night. Meanwhile, Yulia started a new business and just had a baby! Again, she was wondering how to save the family's health and how to live better.

They tried cryotherapy and biohacking but Yulia wanted to find something more fundamental, not a trend or a fad. She was looking for natural medicine and health, always testing out various health products.

When the pandemic struck, Yulia found the Irish sea moss supplement. She first tried it herself and loved the results—her skin got better thanks to vitamins and antioxidants like vitamins A and C, her metabolism got faster so she felt more energetic, and her immune system improved thanks to 92 essential minerals.

Want to Try Sea Moss Capsules?

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So, she started her second business, wanting to share sea moss gummies and capsules with others. Yulia's child, who is now 8, has been taking sea moss for 4 years now and feels great, with beautiful long hair (sea moss is safe for children to take in moderation). Now, Nutra Remedies is 4 years old, offering the gift of fundamental health benefits to people all over North America.

Why buy sea moss capsules and gummies?

Packed with nutrients like iodine, potassium and vitamins, Irish moss supports weight loss goals because it boosts your metabolism and promotes vitality. Derived from Chondrus crispus, the scientific name for the small sea algae of red colour, Nutra Remedies capsules offer benefits aiding digestion, boosting immunity, and enhancing overall health.

Where to buy sea moss? FDA-approved factory

There are a lot of sellers and products online, like on Amazon, and different information out there. Because this is a supplement you ingest, making sure it is high quality is absolutely imperative.

Nutra Remedies is a Florida, USA-based company and our dietary supplements and sea moss products are made right here in the state! You can shop products on our website.

Our formula is vegan-friendly, completely gluten-free, and it is chemical-free. Plus, our gummies and products are made in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved factory!

Want to Try Sea Moss Capsules?

Get 120 capsules of wild-crafted Sea Moss and
experience all the benefits of the product!


Disclaimer: this is important because if the factory of production is not approved, the seller can claim misstatements and inaccuracies. Make sure to review where you are buying your products from.

Best sea moss to buy in the USA

Nutra Remedies offers Irish Sea Moss at both a sale price during special promotions and at a regular price so you can get a two-months supply at an affordable rate.

On the actual product packaging, you will find the product information and ingredient lists. Transparency is very important to us at the company, especially because we want you to understand and love this superfood!

Why buy sea moss

The benefits of sea moss include:

  • Stimulation of thyroid: a cause of health problems for many people
  • A better natural protection from viruses
  • A boost in energy: a great occasion to ingest less caffeine
  • Helps to better transform food into fuel, so you can enjoy a healthy appetite
  • Natural anti-aging and glowing, healthy skin properties

Sea moss for sale: supplement

A key thing to remember with seamoss is consistency. Just like going to the gym once won't give you a six-pack, taking the supplement once won't do any magic. We recommend mindful consumption for at least six months to a year to note results. Your body needs time to understand the new vitamins and minerals it is receiving and to use them.

Want to Try Sea Moss Capsules?

Get 120 capsules of wild-crafted Sea Moss and
experience all the benefits of the product!


Can I take sea moss with magnesium?

Yes, sea moss can absolutely be taken with magnesium. Sea moss is a rich source of 92 essential minerals, including magnesium, while magnesium itself is essential for numerous bodily functions, like bone health and also helps with stress release and sleeping.

Combining sea moss supplements with magnesium capsules (whatever formulation you choose) can contribute to your overall health and well-being, supporting many functions such as muscle and nerve function, energy production, and bone health.

sea moss capsules

Can I take sea moss with zinc?

Yes, you can definitely take sea moss with zinc supplements. Whether in its raw sea moss form, in a gummy, in a capsule, or as a moss gel, moss is totally compatible with zinc supplements.

Zinc supports immune function (that's why you can easily find zinc tablets for colds!) and wound healing, making it beneficial for addressing medical problems and health conditions. Combining sea moss supplements with zinc ones can enhance nutrient intake and aid in addressing health concerns effectively.

How does sea moss actually work?

This superfood product, whether an organic sea moss gel, or a wildcrafted sea moss works by delivering essential nutrients, such as iodine, potassium, and vitamins to your body.

Want to Try Sea Moss Capsules?

Get 120 capsules of wild-crafted Sea Moss and
experience all the benefits of the product!


These 92 essential minerals and vitamins are key to valuable bodily functions, including thyroid health, immune function, and digestion. And, an important piece of additional information is that this algae contains carrageenan, a compound known for its ability to promote a feeling of fullness and an ability to support your gut health.

Did you know? You can make a sea moss smoothie!

An easy way to integrate this supplement into your daily routine is by making smoothies. You can soak the moss with your favourite fruits, like mango or banana, vegetables, and liquids like almond or oat milk. You can add natural sweetener like agave. Then just blend!

smoothies with the sea moss

Where did sea moss come from?

This miracle algae originates from coastal regions of the Atlantic Ocean, in particular in Ireland, Scotland, and the Caribbean. People have been using it for centuries in traditional medicine and cultural practices thanks to its health benefits.

Is it safe for children to take sea moss?

Sea moss is generally considered safe for adult and child consumption. Still, we recommend checking with your pediatrician before giving it to your children in case there may be a sensitivity.

The supplement is rich in nutrients and will offer your kids better concentration in school, thanks to the rich iodine which helps boost cognitive function. You may also notice a better-regulated stool and gut health and more energy in your kids! Always ensure proper preparation and dosage suitable for their age and health status.

Does sea moss contain calcium?

Yes, sea moss contains calcium along with various other essential minerals you read about above, such as magnesium, potassium, and iodine. Calcium is crucial for bone health, muscle function, and nerve signaling, making sea moss a valuable addition to diets aiming to boost overall mineral intake. This is important for kids to develop healthy bones and teeth as they grow up.

So, if you are wondering where to buy sea moss, check out our selection of products here.