Sea Moss by Nutra Remedies

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  • The best sea moss supplement in the market
  • Helps you burn fat faster
  • Cleanse and detox your colon effectively
  • Regulate blood sugar levels with green coffee extract

Feeling guilty after consuming gazillion calories during the holidays and finally ready to transform your body in the upcoming year? Look no further! Our experts put together the ultimate fat burner bundle to help you eliminate the excess fat and achieve a flatter belly.

Our Fat Burn Bundle Includes 4 Amazing Supplements

Sea Moss

The best sea moss supplement in the market, loaded with iodine to boost your metabolism and with multiple amino acids such as taurine and fucoxanthin to supercharge fat consumption as a source of energy. Plus, sea moss helps you get rid of bad gut bacteria thanks to its high content of prebiotics. Learn more about our sea moss pills here.

Fat Away

Helps you burn fat thanks to its core ingredient, forskolin, which promotes fat metabolism, stimulates the release of stored fat cells, and supports healthy cellular function. Learn more about Fat Away here.

Hush Flush

Our master cleanse and detox supplement to help you eliminate waste from the colon, release gas, and remove parasites from the gut. Learn more about Hush Flush here.

Sugar Smasher

Powered by green coffee extract to help you achieve healthy blood sugar levels, reduce insulin levels, and accelerate calorie burn. Learn more about Sugar Smasher

Our Secret To Burning Fat Is In The Way We Consume This Bundle

We want to let you in on a little secret. All the products we sell are consumed daily by us and we have discovered our preferred sequence to achieve the most fat-burn out of this bundle.

  • First thing in the morning: take 1 or 2 capsules of Hush Flush with a full glass of water.
  • Before the first meal: take 2 or 3 capsules of Sea Moss with a full glass of water.
  • Before lunch: take 1 capsule of Fat Away, and 1 capsule of Sugar Smasher 30 minutes before.
  • Before dinner: take 1 capsule of Fat Away, and 1 capsule of Sugar Smasher 30 minutes before.
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Please note that this is only a suggestion and we recommend you consult with your nutritionist or healthcare provider before consuming supplements and to tailor your weight loss goals to your own needs.