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Real Sea Moss vs Fake: How To Tell the Difference

Sea moss is an all-natural superfood that anyone can use to boost their health. Harvested from the seas of the Atlantic coasts, this sea plant isn’t called nature’s superfood for no reason! Containing 92 of the 102 vital minerals that your body needs to stay healthy and strong, sea moss offers an array of natural health benefits. But not all sea moss is built the same. If you want to make sure that you get the authentic stuff, you need to know how to spot real sea moss vs fake. 

If you want to benefit from the effects of sea moss, then it’s crucial that you take authentic sea moss. There is a lot of fake sea moss currently on the market, and it’s easier than you think to mistake fake sea moss for real. 

By the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll know exactly how to spot the difference between real sea moss and fake sea moss. We’re going to look at real sea moss vs fake, how to spot the difference between the two, and where you can buy authentic sea moss. So, let’s get started. 

The Difference Between Real Sea Moss and Fake Sea Moss

Firstly, we need to look at how real sea moss differs from fake sea moss. And there’s one key difference that affects whether the sea moss you see in health stores is the real deal or not. 

Fake Sea Moss is Grown in Pools

The main difference between real sea moss and the fake stuff is how they’re grown. Authentic sea moss grows naturally in rocky areas of the Atlantic coast and can be harvested from these areas for consumption. 

However, fake sea moss isn’t grown in the ocean at all. In fact, a sample is taken from the ocean and then transferred to a pool, where it’s grown and harvested. 

How Does This Affect Its Effectiveness?

Fake sea moss is less effective than real sea moss because it’s not been grown in the wild. When sea moss grows naturally in the ocean, it absorbs nutrients from the sun and the surrounding water. That’s what makes it so nutritious!

When sea moss is grown in a pool, it often grows under artificial light and in the same water as it is first placed in, which means it can’t absorb any of the extra nutrients that makes it so good for us. 

How To Tell If You Have Real Sea Moss vs Fake Sea Moss

So, now you understand the main difference between real sea moss and fake sea moss. But, chances are that you won’t be able to see any certificates of authenticity when you’re shopping for your sea moss. So simply knowing what the differences are between the two will only get you so far. 

If you want to make sure you’re getting authentic sea moss, you need to know what to look for when you’re buying it. 

Characteristics of Real Sea Moss

By knowing what real sea moss is like, you’ll be able to identify when you’re faced with real sea moss vs fake. Real sea moss is slightly different to the fake stuff in two main ways: and that’s mainly when it comes to color and texture. 

The color of real sea moss is a dark gold to brown shade, whereas fake sea moss is much lighter. The stems of real sea moss also differ from the fake variety - the stems are thinner and more defined on real sea moss. In terms of texture, you’ll notice that real sea moss is drier and more curly too. 

Signs You Have Fake Sea Moss

While comparing real sea moss vs fake is a great way to learn about the differences between the two, the chances are you won’t always have two batches to compare and determine which is real and fake. So if you have some sea moss and you’re unsure of its authenticity, then it’s useful to know what the signifiers of fake sea moss are. 

It Tastes Too Salty

Even though sea moss should come from the ocean, it actually doesn’t taste very salty. If your sea moss has a distinct salty taste, then the chances are that you’ve been sold fake sea moss, unfortunately. This is because to grow sea moss in a pool, you need to use a salt brine to mimic the conditions of natural ocean water. 

It’s Thick and Wet in Texture

Fake sea moss is also different in texture to real sea moss. Pool-grown sea moss is a lot thicker than the natural variety, and it tends to be wet and has more of a slimy texture too. This is a sign that it’s been grown in a pool and has become saturated with moisture. 

It’s All The Same Color

A harvest of natural sea moss comes in a variety of different shades of tan, gold and brown. However, if you have a batch of fake sea moss, you’ll spot it because it’ll all be a lighter, more consistent color. 

Where To Buy Real Sea Moss

If you want to know where to buy real sea moss, you should find a trusted retailer who knows what they’re doing. They’ll source their sea moss from natural, sustainable waters, and never use harsh chemicals to interfere with the natural power of this sea plant. 

Remember earlier when we said you’d find it difficult to see proof that the sea moss you’re buying is authentic? Well, at Nutra Remedies you can. Not only do we pride ourselves on using naturally grown, genuine sea moss, but we lab test each batch we harvest to ensure it’s the real deal. You can see the results upon request by getting in touch with us. 

As we said, you can make sure you get your hands on real sea moss by purchasing it from a transparent, expert brand you trust. Ready to place your order

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