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Sea Moss and Fertility: Everything You Need to Know

Sea Moss and Fertility: Everything You Need to Know

While procreation is our primary function as human beings, bearing children doesn’t come naturally to us all. No matter your gender, certain aspects of your health and bodily makeup can affect your ability to conceive. And you’re not alone. This is the case for countless couples, which has led to many people seeking help with conceiving. If you’re suffering from fertility problems, then you may be looking into natural fertility remedies, which led you here. And if you’re wondering about the link between sea moss and fertility, and whether it can boost your chances of getting pregnant, then you’re in the right place. 

As experts in all things sea moss, we’ve done our research and know everything there is to know about this wonderful sea plant. It has the potential to help us stay fighting fit and support a number of bodily functions. We’re going to cover the link between sea moss and fertility for both men and women, and whether taking this superfood can help you create a family. 

So, Does Sea Moss Help with Fertility?

The big question here is does sea moss help with fertility? The truth is that there's no one definitive answer to that question, nor has sea moss absolutely and scientifically been proven to help with fertility. However, what we do know is that taking what we know about fertility and what we know about the benefits of sea moss, we can see how sea moss has the potential to help people with fertility issues. 

The link between sea moss and fertility isn’t so much a cause and effect relationship, but more of an indirect one. We’re really talking about how sea moss helps to provide the right circumstances for conception and pregnancy to take place, rather than directly causing it to happen. And again, as we covered already, the optimum conditions for conception and pregnancy simply aren’t always the reality for couples. 

Consuming sea moss can play a great role in helping create the right conditions in both partners to increase your chances of conceiving successfully, as well as carrying the pregnancy to term. So in short, yes, sea moss can help couples experiencing fertility problems! We’re going to look at how, exactly, now. 

The Link Between Diet and Fertility

When you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s likely that you’ll change certain elements of your lifestyle to put yourself in the best position to conceive. From tracking your menstrual cycle and ovulation to reducing sources of stress, there are a lot of things we can do to increase our chances of conceiving. One in particular is diet.

And this is where we see how sea moss and fertility are linked. As we mentioned previously, sea moss can help create the right circumstances for a couple to get pregnant thanks to the nutrients that it contains. Minerals and vitamins are crucial in supporting your body’s hormone production, immune system and cell health, which all work together to enable the hundreds of processes in your body. 

Without the right vitamins and minerals, we wouldn’t be able to do things like build muscle, heal wounds, or create life. And we can make sure we have the right minerals in our bodies through what we put in our bodies. 

It might not be an obvious place to start, but your diet can in fact improve fertility in both partners according to the experts. It’s an important aspect of prenatal health, and therefore can influence your chances of getting pregnant.

Sea moss naturally contains 92 of the 102 nutrients our bodies need to function properly and healthily, and there are three in particular that have the potential to boost fertility: iodine, folate and zinc.  


Iodine can be difficult to include in your everyday diet, but it plays an important role in regulating your thyroid function. If you don’t get enough iodine in your diet, it could lead to hypothyroidism, which also can negatively affect fertility. 

Weight is also a factor to consider when you’re trying to get pregnant, as obesity can lower fertility in both men and women. Through its ability to regulate thyroid function, sea moss can also assist in weight loss.


A well-known prenatal supplement, folate and other B vitamins are vital for developing the neural tube that supports the fetus’ development. Taking this supplement before getting pregnant and during the first trimester strengthens the neural tube and reduces the risk of spinal problems and developmental issues in the unborn baby.  


Zinc is a super important mineral in our bodies as it supports a variety of processes, mostly to do with regulating hormones. Balancing your hormones is key when you’re trying to get pregnant and for increasing egg quality. 

Sea Moss and Female Fertility

When it comes to sea moss and female fertility, looking at all of the information we know about sea moss shows that it holds a lot of potential for women struggling with fertility issues. This is thanks to what sea moss contains.

Its combination of powerful minerals such as folate, zinc and B vitamins mean that it contains key nutrients that women need in their bodies in order to facilitate pregnancy. Taken as a supplement, women can boost their overall health too, which will only assist their bodies in creating the right conditions for conception to occur.

Carrying a baby to term is much harder than it seems, as the body relies on a number of factors to be in place for a successful pregnancy, including hormone production and physical health. Keeping your body healthy and fuelled with the right vitamins and nutrients plays a crucial role in increasing your chances of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy, and sea moss can definitely lend a hand in this area. 

Sea Moss and Male Fertility

A lot of the information we have about sea moss and male fertility comes from how sea moss is used in the Caribbean islands. Historically, sea moss and sexual libido have been linked, and the sea plant has been used as a natural aphrodisaic in the region for centuries. There are many claims that sea moss has sexual benefits, and after all, sex is a crucial act when it comes to fertility! 

Aside from claims that sea moss boosts libido, its high zinc content does offer a possible explanation for its reputation as a natural aphrodisiac. Zinc is an important mineral in men’s bodies because it contributes to spermatogenesis, or the production of sperm. 

Sea Moss and Fertility: Can It Help You Get Pregnant?

Considering all of the factors that are needed in order to create the conditions for conception to take place, there does seem to be a strong link between sea moss and pregnancy. The nutrients found in this species of red algae have been proven to boost fertility and prenatal health, and sea moss’ sexual benefits points to a higher likelihood that pregnancy can take place. 

So you can use sea moss for fertility, but as it’s not a scientifically proven way to boost your chances of falling pregnant, you should consult with a medical professional if you are having trouble conceiving alongside using supplements like sea moss for fertility.

If you’re ready to start taking sea moss for fertility and general health, then our sea moss supplement here at Nutra Remedies can help. Not only does it contain the 92 naturally-occurring minerals and vitamins of sea moss, but our combination of bladderwrack and burdock root allows us to provide all 102 vital nutrients for your body in one supplement. 

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