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What Is Sea Moss? A Beginner’s Guide

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing health supplements these days. With so much information and ads being thrown at you, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important in finding the best superfood. 

At Nutra Remedies, we believe in transparency. After all, it’s important to know what’s going into your body and the history behind it. And with Sea Moss, we’re proudly able to discuss the history and health benefits of this all-natural solution to many ailments. 

So, what is Sea Moss? And what makes it so special? With our beginner's guide to this long celebrated wonder plant, you’ll discover everything you need to know– and make the best decision possible for your body’s needs.

What Is Sea Moss? 

Sea Moss (or Irish Sea Moss as it’s also known) is a sea vegetable commonly used in many healthcare supplements and foods. This algae grows predominantly on coasts around Europe and North America. 

The nickname ‘Irish Moss’ comes from this wonder plant's part in feeding the Irish people during the great famine that swept their country in the 1800s. People were able to harvest this seaweed and use it to feed their families. While it was cooked out of necessity, families were able to get their nutrients from this versatile sea vegetable. 

Despite Sea Moss now being a household name in the west, it has been a huge part of Asian cuisines and medicines for many centuries now. 

What Is Sea Moss Used For? 

There are multiple Sea Moss uses, but it’s mainly used in the following ways:

  • As a healthy thickening agent in cooking for soups and stews 
  • As a dietary supplement in health-conscious gummies, pills, gels, and vitamins 
  • In eastern medicines, and general natural healthcare remedies 
  • Due to its adaptability, Sea Moss can essentially be used for anything that requires some natural goodness. As you can see, with so much versatility, the question isn’t ‘what is Sea Moss used for?’ but ‘what isn’t Sea Moss used for?’

    Sea Moss Nutrition Facts

    According to research at the USDA, Sea Moss provides the following nutrients based on two tablespoons per serving: 

    Calories per serving: 4.9

    Proteins per serving: 0.2 g

    Fat per serving: 0 g

    Carbohydrates per serving: 1.2 g

    Sugars per serving: 0.1 g

    The same serving of Sea Moss would provide the following vitamins and minerals:

    Calcium: 7.2 milligrams (mg)

    Copper: 0.02 mg

    Iron: 0.9 mg

    Magnesium: 14.4 mg

    Manganese: 0.04 mg

    Phosphorus: 15.7 mg

    Potassium: 6.3 mg

    Zinc: 0.2 mg

    What Are the Other Benefits of Sea Moss? 

    The potential benefits of Sea Moss don’t end here. Over the years, this super plant has been linked to other health perks as well. Below are eight of the main benefits of Sea Moss. 

    • It Contains 92 of the 102 Essential Minerals 

    Sea Moss contains a staggering 90% of your essential daily minerals. That means you’ll be getting almost your entire daily mineral intake from one natural capsule! 

    • It Helps to Make Your Skin Shine 

    One of the most overlooked Sea Moss uses is how much it can improve your skin. Due to its rich vitamin A and K content, it gives your skin a vibrant natural glow – improving your confidence and overall appearance. 

    • Sea Moss Helps to Aid Weight Loss

    Sea Moss contains natural iodines, which is an effective mineral that makes your thyroid hormones. These hormones control and regulate your metabolism, and assist with burning natural fat in the body. 

    • It Helps You to Build More Muscle 

    Sea Moss uses its taurine properties to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Very few supplements can both help you shed pounds while gaining muscle mass in the process. 

    This growth in muscle span is supported by vitamins and minerals that repair any muscle tissue damage as well. 

    • It Boosts Your Energy Levels 

    It’s not just the body that Sea Moss can potentially improve. The natural supplement has also been reported to increase energy levels within a matter of weeks. 

    The potassium chloride it contains acts as a soothing property on the chest, preventing congestion and helping the breathing process. The more oxygen you get through your body, the greater your energy levels are.

    • It Keeps Your Immune System Running Smoothly

    When Sea Moss capsules are taken as part of an overall active and healthy lifestyle, your immune system improves. These days, having that extra level of defense can make all the difference when fighting off infections and germs. 

    Zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron are some of nature’s most powerful ways to avoid sickness. And what is Sea Moss full of? You guessed it – all of them. 

    • Sea Moss Helps to Fight Wrinkles 

    It’s only natural to develop wrinkles as we age – what we gain in years, we lose in natural collagens. However, plant-based natural collagens are used in many beauty products. 

    It doesn’t just end with wrinkles. Natural collagen can improve other skin issues like eczema, rashes, and acne on the body or face.  

    • Sea Moss Promotes Good Virility 

    In many cultures around the world, seaweed has been used to boost sexual performance and virility. The natural libido enhancement is down to the all-natural zinc, contained within Irish Sea Moss.

    This chemical-free aphrodisiac is a healthy way to improve sex drive without having to resort to untested and unsafe pills or powders. No harmful ingredients, just results! 

    What Does Sea Moss Taste Like?

    If it’s consumed raw, Sea Moss tastes like your standard seaweed or oyster dish – but with a hint of earthy texture. Some people love the fresh and natural flavor of it, while others prefer to mix and blend it into meals, soups, and shakes. 

    There’s no wrong way to enjoy Sea Moss, so the best thing to do is try as many variations as you like and decide what’s best for your tastes. 

    What Is Sea Moss? It’s a Superfood! 

    Now that you have a better understanding of Sea Moss, it’s essential that you buy this wonder plant from a reputable supplier. 

    At Nutra Remedies, we proudly shout about our Sea Moss products, and for good reason. Our completely natural and vegan-friendly supplements contain no chemicals or harmful materials. 

    What does that mean for you? It means all of the benefits we’ve discussed here, with none of the worries about what else is going into your body. Are you ready to take control of your body with an all-natural solution? Try our Sea Moss pills today.