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Hypothyroidism: Sea Moss Benefits for Thyroid

If you’re struggling with thyroid issues, then a natural remedy like sea moss can provide relief and support with stabilizing this extremely important gland in your body. We’re going to explore thyroid issues in more depth and the numerous sea moss benefits for thyroid. 

What is the thyroid?

The thyroid is a small hormone-producing gland in your neck that plays a vital role in your body’s overall health. Its main job is to release and control thyroid hormones that control metabolism. Metabolism is a process where the food you take into your body is transformed into energy. This energy is used throughout your entire body to keep many of your body's systems working correctly.

It is also responsible for these key functions of your body’s performance:

  • Regulates breathing 
  • Heart Rate
  • Body weight and temperature
  • Muscle strength
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Cholesterol levels 
  • Central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Fertility

If you are facing fertility issues, our formula is your go-to natural remedy. The body’s primary functions, and most importantly the metabolism, is greatly affected if the thyroid doesn’t make the necessary hormones.

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Scary statistics:

According to the American Thyroid Association, more than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition at some point in their life – 60% of people with thyroid disease or its symptoms are not aware of it. Women run a five to eight times greater risk than men of experiencing thyroid problems in their life.

What is hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is  a disorder that causes the thyroid to underperform. There are multiple potential causes, however, the most common is an autoimmune disorder of some kind.

Normally, our body’s immune system protects us by attaching foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. However, the immune system of people with autoimmune disorders attacks normal tissues of the thyroid gland, thinking it is a foreign invader. 

The attacks cause the thyroid hormone to shrink the production of cells and inhibit its ability to synthesize thyroid hormones. Due to lack of production, there are a lack of cells to meet the body’s need for the thyroid hormone, such as the process of metabolism.

What hypothyroidism treatments are there?

If you suffer from an underperforming thyroid and are prescribed a treatment for hypothyroidism, it’s usually in the form of a synthetic thyroid hormone like levothyroxine (Levo-T, Synthroid) or Synthroid. This type of hypothyroidism treatment puts synthetic hormone replacements in the body that act the same way naturally-produced hormones would.

However, if you’re looking for a natural hypothyroidism treatment, you can consider Sea Moss. Using Sea Moss for thyroid problems can help to address the root of the problem – the body’s natural thyroid production. By providing naturally-occuring thyroid hormones and minerals like selenium which benefits thyroid production, Sea Moss supports the body’s thyroid function without the need for synthetic hormone replacement. 

Want to Try Sea Moss Capsules?

Get 120 capsules of wild-crafted Sea Moss and
experience all the benefits of the product!


Sea moss and thyroid correlation

Dr. Sebi recommended using Sea Moss for thyroid support, because modern diets (most of the time) are mineral deficient, and might be producing too much mucus in the body. This can end up causing inflammation – not just in the thyroid gland, but also in other organs. Sea Moss presents a myriad of benefits for the body, particularly for thyroid production.

Sea Moss benefits for thyroid:

  • Helps to regulate thyroid hormone production.
  • In cases where the thyroid underperforms, Sea Moss can act as a hypothyroidism natural treatment by boosting hormone production.
  • Helps to boost the metabolism. 

Sea Moss for thyroid: three essential hormones

Sea Moss contains the thyroid hormone precursors Di-Iodothyronine (DIT), the thyroid hormones Tri-iodothyrobine (T3) and Thyroxin (T4). These three hormones help to regulate the thyroid function and ensure optimum hormone production.

The link between selenium and thyroid

Another sea moss benefit for thyroid is the fact that it naturally contains selenium  – a mineral often found in soil that supports a number of immune functions, including the thyroid gland. 

Since Sea Moss contains selenium and thyroid hormones, it boosts the body’s ability to produce thyroid hormones. Without selenium, the process takes much longer, so selenium benefits thyroid function by acting as a catalyst.

Want to Try Sea Moss Capsules?

Get 120 capsules of wild-crafted Sea Moss and
experience all the benefits of the product!


Why our Sea Moss formula?

Our Sea Moss formula is made with high-quality, naturally harvested Sea Moss that contains a number of essential minerals and vitamins for your body. But we didn’t stop there. We formulated our Sea Moss capsules with bladderwrack and burdock root too so that when you take our supplement, you’re getting all 102 vital minerals to support your health. 

 In addition, our formula is the only one on the market that is made with extracts – this ensures maximum potency for absorption in comparison with weaker dry herbs alternatives. We have also added bioperine to our formula to enhance the bioavailability of the product – which leads to even faster results. 

Our Sea Moss comes in convenient and filler-free capsules, and we’re also going to be selling it as a gummy soon.

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