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The Truth: What Does Sea Moss Taste Like?

If you’re considering starting to take sea moss as a daily supplement but are unsure of what form to choose, it’s likely that taste has come into the equation at some point. In fact, some of the most common questions we get revolve around just that. ‘What does sea moss taste like? Does it taste good?’ We understand that taste has a role to play with the supplements we take, so let’s explore this part of the sea moss experience in a little more detail.  

But before we delve into what sea moss tastes like, let’s have a quick recap of this super sea plant for those of you who are new to sea moss. 

What is sea moss?

Sea moss is a species of algae that contains 92 minerals and vitamins that work to support your body’s natural processes and functions. Our bodies need 102 different nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function healthily, and this powerful sea plant covers over 90% of them!

With its low calories and high offerings of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, sea moss is rightly considered a superfood with its variety of promising health benefits – including shiny hair, improved fertility, and weight loss.

What does sea moss taste like?

Now let’s answer the all-important question: How does sea moss taste?

You’ll be surprised to hear that sea moss doesn’t really have a specific taste. The best way to describe it is actually tasteless. Although it comes from the sea – sea moss is not supposed to taste salty. If your batch does, it’s likely that it’s either fake, or has gone bad. 

The lack of flavor of sea moss is another reason why it’s used in a number of recipes as a natural thickening agent, and is so easy to implement into your daily routine. 

Does sea moss taste good?

Well, as it doesn’t really taste of anything, so you can be the judge! Considering that some superfoods pack a punch when it comes to nutritional value and taste – it’s actually what makes sea moss stand out as one of the best out there. 

Eating sea moss in its gel form is a perfectly fine way of getting your dose of vitamins and minerals, and if you choose to do so, it’s recommended to take between four and eight grams a day. However, it can be difficult to always get your dosage right and monitor the quality of your sea moss. As it’s perishable in its gel form, you can’t keep it for too long, otherwise it can compromise its nutritional value.

What to look out for with sea moss gel

There’s no doubt sea moss is a fantastic health supplement. However, you should be cautious when eating sea moss gel. 

Because the nutritional make-up of sea moss can fluctuate and vary – sometimes it can contain higher levels of iodine or heavy metals. This is when eating copious amounts of whole sea moss can be harmful, and it’s better to have a pre-measured, nutritionally balanced dose of sea moss. That’s where our products can come in handy.

If you do want to still take sea moss gel, make sure you aren’t being sold fake sea moss. If you want to reap the full benefits of real sea moss, you want to be taking authentic, organic sea moss. We’ve got a Real Sea Moss vs. Fake Guide to help you spot the difference. 

Alternative forms of sea moss

If you don’t like the taste of whole sea moss or don’t want to worry about storing sea moss gel, there is another option: sea moss capsules. As sea moss’ most potent form (thanks to our use of extracts rather than powders), they’re tasteless and easily swallowed with a glass of water. Our capsules also come without any additives or fillers. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you can also get super yummy sea moss gummies that taste sweet and fruity – they’re apple-flavored and contain only 3g of sugar per serving. 

Benefits of sea moss capsules 

Other than being tasteless and easy on the palate, sea moss capsules are also one of the most convenient ways to consume sea moss. They’re a super simple and straightforward way of making sure you’re incorporating sea moss into your diet:

  • Pocket-sized
  • Sea moss capsules are so convenient because of how small they are. They’re easy to pack and carry around with you – so if you love to travel or lead an active lifestyle, they’re perfect.

  • Fact-acting formula that’s lab-quality tested
  • Our formula has been developed with potent extracts, meaning that you can feel the benefits of sea moss more quickly! Plus, each batch is tested with an accredited lab to ensure the quality of our sea moss. If you’d like to see the results for yourself, send us an email at

    • Easily storable with a long-life shelf date

    Capsules have a much longer shelf life than sea moss gel as they use dried, concentrated extracts of sea moss. This means that one bottle of capsules will last much longer than a batch of fresh sea moss. 

  • Accurate and reliable dosage
  • Each capsule is carefully and specifically measured to contain all of the 92 minerals and vitamins your body needs to thrive. So no need to second guess whether you’re getting your fill of sea moss each day – all you have to do is take your supplement and carry on with your day. 

    Sea moss capsules and gummies alike are perfect if you live a hectic lifestyle – just pop a capsule with a glass of water, once a day. And we recommend doing so 20-30 minutes before a meal.

    How about sea moss powder?

    Other than sea moss capsules and gummies, we’re excited to announce that our very own sea moss powder is coming soon! It’s going to be a great way to buy in bulk – and another convenient way to incorporate this superfood into your diet – providing you with natural, fast-acting and impactful health benefits.

     But, until we’ve finished perfecting our sea moss powder, our sea moss capsules are the way forward. There’s no doubt they’re the easiest and most reliable way to enjoy sea moss. Tasteless and easy-to-take: a winning combination. Or our gummies are a great alternative – they’re not just for kids. Adults can enjoy them too. 

    Ready to start your sea moss journey?

    Do you now have a better understanding of the sea moss taste? Perhaps you’re still a little curious? The only thing left to do is try the world’s most complete superfood for yourself. 

    Always go with a reputable supplier like us. We proudly shout about our sea moss products – and for good reason. We are a nutrition-focused company who believe that happiness and wellness go hand-in-hand.

    Our completely natural and vegan-friendly supplements contain no chemicals or harmful materials. We utilize extracts in our formula too, which offer the best nutritional value. They’re also made with the best gluten-free ingredients right in Florida, USA.

    Take control of your body with an all-natural solution. Try our sea moss capsules today.